The Student Council has a responsibility to set policies and rules that do not violate the Institute's announcement. They are also responsible for considering and allocating the budget of the Student Activities for Student Affairs, including the Student Council, Student Organization, Student Union, and clubs. In addition, the Student Council is accountable for examining Student Affairs to comply with the Institute’s Regulations on Student Activities and reserving the rights of students. If students have a complaint or problem, students can submit the issue to the Student Council to operate with the institute.

Student Council’s members are appointed by a student representative election in each faculty/college.

Activities in the Student Council:

1. Student Representatives Election
Student representative election activity is regularly held by the Student Council to recruit a student representative or is known as the Student Council in the next academic year.
2. Student Council Seminar
It is an activity for student council members held to study the primary work of the council and allow the members to discuss on interesting projects in order to make the student council’s members be more intimate with each other.
3. Budget Consideration
It is an internal project of the budget consideration department which has been established for allocating the budget of Student Activities. The Student Council receives the budget from the Central and is responsible for allocating and distributing the budget to each student union/college for holding activities.
4. Observation Project
It is a project that the Student Affairs only the central department (Student Council and Student Government) is allowed to go a study trip to other universities to learn how to manage student activities in order to develop, improve and apply to the activities of the Institute.

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Student Council of KMITL

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