The Student Organization is responsible for organizing a central student activity of the Institute such as Kaesad Freshmen Orientation, Teacher’s Day Observation, Sports Day for Maintain Relationship, etc. as well as being a student representative for participating in and holding various activities of the Institute. The committee of the Student Organization is appointed by a student election of all faculties. Moreover, there are various types of organizations that students can apply for as they are interested including 40 clubs, 8 student unions, 25 groups, and 1 center.

Activities in the Student Organization

1. Organize activities of the institute

Provide a space for students to show their ability and meet in order to establish great relationships with each other within the institute, such as KMITL First step, Freshy Star Contest, Kaesad, Freshy Sports, etc.

2. Participate in the clubs

Encourage students to spend their time wisely by allowing students to establish various clubs in order to increase the potential of the participants.

3. Complaint

Be a medium between students and Institute

For more information

Student Organization

Activity Building 2, 3rd floor, room 306


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